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DeWied Gold Standard

Achieving the DeWied Gold Standard

Like any other company, DeWied is proud when we achieve remarkable goals. We know the importance of these goals and the contribution they make to the health and safety of our global food supply. But unlike many other companies, we are tougher on ourselves than anyone else.

Just as the federal government has cause for concern, we have been concerned about the safety of hog casings for a number of years. Be assured that DeWied will continue monitoring itself on a voluntary basis, with or without governmental intervention.

For us, purchasing natural hog casing from trusted vendors is the first step in achieving the “gold standard” we have set for ourselves. The next step is processing the casings in a clean, uncontaminated environment.

Achieving a Grade of “A” on the Global Food Safety Certificate of Conformity for our China plant is no small feat. Doing it on the first visit is significant because the auditors found that no major corrective actions were needed and that means we are doing things right. And receiving an “A” two years in a row makes this achievement even more gratifying.

Certification is rigorous, that is why many companies don’t do it. Here are a few areas that certification covers:

  • A food safety plan
  • Self-audits
  • Traceability
  • Processes to ensure Food Safety
  • Training

If you have any questions about the DeWied Gold Standard, please let us know.

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