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Hog Sausage Casings

Hog Casings

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We source our own material from all over the world: North America, Europe and China

Traditionally used for:

  • Dinner sausages
  • Fresh Italian
  • Bratwurst
  • Polish
  • Smoked Country

DeWied Hog Casing Types

Hand pulled
Hand pulled hog casings have had the ruffle fat removed by hand which makes the casing whisker-free. The hand pulling also stretches the casing and breaks the outer collagen membrane (hog casings are made up of two collagen membranes) along the inside curve of the casing. Hand pulled casings may be used for all sausage types but are best for fresh sausages.

Knife cut
DeWied knife cut hog casings have had the ruffle fat removed with a knife. The knife cutting does not break the outer collagen membrane and causes less holes, but leaves a small amount of fat on the outside of the casing, which after further processing becomes small white threads known as whiskers. Therefore, knife cut casings have whiskers, but longer strands and more strength. Knife cut casings perform better on high speed linking equipment because of the increased strength. They can be used for all types of sausages but are most commonly used for smoked and dried applications.

To remove the whiskered appearance without sacrificing the strength and longer strands of knife cut casings the casing can be inverted (turned inside out). DeWied Fresh-Link™ inverted casings are a less expensive alternative to hand pulled hog casings. They can be used for all varieties of sausage.

DeWied Hog Casings are available in the following brands

DeWied Real™ - Produced to DeWied’s demanding set of standards which include:

  • Minimum strand length
  • Maximum # of holes
  • Average total meters
  • Accuracy of calibration

DeWied Fresh-Link™ - A less expensive alternative to hand-pulled hog casings. By inverting the knife cut casings, DeWied has developed a casing with the whisker-free exterior of hand pulled casings and the strength, long strands and efficiency of the knife cut casings.

DeWied Flavo-Fresh Color™ - Colored casings that keep sausage, looking fresh longer. They won’t fade during the shelf life of your product. Available in dark and light smoke tones, Indian red and hot link red.

homepackDeWied Processor Pack™ - DeWied Real hog casings, vacuum packed in brine solution, rinse and you are ready to stuff 100 lbs of sausage.

DeWied Retail Homepack™ - Casings for the hobbyist; in resealable zip-lock pouches. Stuffs approximately 20 – 25lbs.

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