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Sausage Recipe Book

The Sausage-Making Cookbook

by Jerry Predika

Book Description

Master sausage-making chef Jerry Predika has collected hundreds of ethnic recipes from countries around the globe and passes them on to you in THE SAUSAGE-MAKING COOKBOOK. Included are the best old-world traditions and family-guarded secrets for making every kind of sausage imaginable - Scottish haggis, Hungarian kolbasz, Polish kielbasa, Mexican chorizo... and over 200 more.

Sausage making is a simple-to-learn kitchen craft, and getting started is easy and inexpensive. Predika demonstrates his expertise gained from a lifetime of learning the most efficient sausage-making methods and techniques and has gathered the essential information into a few easy-to-follow instructions.


by A.D.Livingston

From the Back Cover

Delicious sausages can be made easily and inexpensively in your own kitchen by following the recipes and advice found here. Sausage takes you through the steps of choosing the right equipment and preparing such meats as pork, venison, beef, chicken, and fish to create sausages of many flavors.

A. D. Livingston offers recipes for country sausages, more exotic flavors from Thailand and even ancient Rome, as well as a full round of instruction for dried and cured sausages. There is also a section on making deli-style cold cuts. All country cooks, sportsmen in particular, will treasure this down-to-earth sausage cookbook. (6 X 9, 208 pages, illustrations).

Venison Cookbook

by A.D.Livingston

From the Back Cover

Venison is America’s favorite game meat, and with good reason: It’s plentiful, it’s naturally low in fat, and it’s versatile. Venison Cookbook presents 150 ways to prepare this wonderful food.  You’ll learn how to make savory stews, soups, chili, pies, and sausage, as well as how to cook various cuts of venison.

Recipes include both traditional American fare and interesting but simple international dishes.  Whether you’re a novice or an experienced cook, you will enjoy preparing these and other delicious meals for your family and friends.  (9 X6, 164 pages)

The Venison Sausage Cookbook

A Complete Guide, from Field to Table

by Harold Webster

Book Description

The Venison Sausage Cookbook offers 328 mouthwatering sausage recipes for all occasions, derived from traditional sausages from around the world all laid out with Harold Webster’s trademark clear easy to understand instructions.

This book is written for those millions of hunters who have always wanted to learn how to make their own venison sausage. Here is every thing you’ll need to:
  • Make homemade venison sausage that is safe, simple, and economical to produce.
  • Satisfy the tastes and traditions of your entire family.
  • Provide a unique activity that every member of the family can participate in and enjoy for many years to come.

(8 ½ X 11, 283 pages, illustrations)


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